1. Where are you from?

That’s one of the hardest questions for me to answer. But after years of figuring it out, I’ve learned, and totally realized that I could be described as a TCK, or a Third Culture Kid. I’m not really FROM anywhere, but in fact, I’m from EVERYWHERE. I was born in Passaic, NJ, when my father was working for a Japanese company in NYC and my mother was finishing up graduate school at Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. We moved to Houston, TX, then to city in the southern part of the Philippines called Davao, and at the age of 8 I was sent to live with my godfather and cousins in San Jose, CA (pre-silicon valley) and traveled on an airplane alone for the first time. Though my parents, especially my mother thought of the experience to a sad one, I on the other hand believed it was all for the purpose of turning me into this independent worldly vagabond that I am today. That said, I’ve also lived in Toyota City, Japan, Jakarta, Indonesia, Manila, Philippines, all before I graduated high school. And no, my parents were not in the Military. My father went to prestigious business school in japan and I reaped the benefits of his many alumni sponsored exchange programs. I am who I am today because my parents believed that education, both in the form of books and actual life experiences was worth more than any material possession my siblings and I could have ever received.

2. What’s Your Educational Background?

If you want a complete list, check out my linked in page…or if you REALLY want it, I can send you my CV. It’s a bit long and boring, but it’s a true reflection of the complete and power packed life that I live? I began my “formal” education at the University of the Philippines, Manila and graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy. I then continued to pursue a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, being given a partial scholarship to go there. I spent the two summers of graduate school at Stanford University because it allowed me to be back in California where I could surf before and after work:-) I then completed an informal fellowship at Yale University, began a doctoral program at University of North Carolina at Chapel hill, but finished it at the University of St Augustine. A few years later I was in the process of starting a PhD program at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand but stopped it because I got my dream job in the NBA.

3. What do your actual profession?

Another great question. i consider myself a Polymath (someone who is an expert in various industries). So, depending on what setting I’m in, I can switch my brain and be present in any discussion, collaboration, and experience accordingly. i believe being a true “citizen of the world” has helped tremendously in my ability to integrate with people from various industries and specialties.

4. What gives you energy to do everything you do everyday?

Being alive and healthy to experience something new everyday is why I wake up with energy. I’m blessed to be where I am and to serve my purpose in this world. This is why I start my day, as I do everyday, with gratitude.

5. What’s your biggest fear?

Regret. Gary Vaynerchuck says “Regret is the biggest poison in us.” Why would I ever want to live in poison? If we live our lives accordingly, and make the proper decisions then there is nothing to fear. Even when making the wrong decisions sometimes it about accepting the fact the the decision was made and moving forward. Indecision is far worst making the the wrong one.

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