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Youth Athlete Development – Podcast with Gary Christopher

A few months ago, I was contacted by Gary Christopher, President of the Athletic Performance Academy down in the Philly area if I’d be interested in doing an interview for his podcast #GetFastToday geared towards youth sports and fitness development. Gary has been a Fitness Consultant for over 20 years, specializing in speed, agility and strength training for athletes between 7-18 years of age. He is very committed to helping all kids enjoy fitness through fun, yet interactive and challenging programs.

I immediately said yes, of course, after a careful review of Gary’s validity and credentials, and his obvious passion to help kids. In our almost hour long conversation, we talked about everything under the sun, but in the end the focus was the development of young athletes, something that is very dear to my heart as well.

Below are the questions Gary asked during the podcast, which can be heard here

Topics; 1) How important is a warmup to athletic performance for the players you work with? If you can elaborate on what a typical warm up is that would be great too. 2) What are some things you do to enhance a players speed and agility? 3) What are some things you do to enhance a players fitness? 4) How important is sleep to athletic performance? 5) Do you think youth athletes should play a variety of sports or specialize early on? 6) What are some best ways that the players you train add lean muscle? 7) How involved are you in a players nutrition? 8) What ideas do you have for youth athletes to help them gain physical development? 9) Are you familiar with the term, “Long Term Athlete Development?”

Despite being more a News & Updates category, I think this piece could also be considered accepted in the realm of #PerformanceScience, #PersonalGrowth, #PhysicalTherapy, and even #ProfessionalDevelopment (Like all my #’s?). Listen in an enjoy 🙂

Learn more about Gary, the Athletic Performance Academy and their programs at


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